Software by Design

Build your best of breed solution.
Keep your existing accounting system.
  • What needs to be done?
  • What has been done?.
  • Who did what?
  • Sales are imported from the accounting system, creating a sequence of tasks or workflow for each new job.
  • The Production Manager prioritises jobs using drag and drop.
  • Staff at each workstation use kiosk computer to view a “To Do List”. The tasks that are ready to do have a green light.
  • If the sales person has promised the job to the customer then the due date will be bold.
  • One click highlights the highest priority task that is ready to do.
  • Tasks can be sorted by set-up so that jobs with similar setup requirements can be batched together..
  • Staff enter a code to sign for the completed task - and the green light changes to a tick.
  • When the job is invoiced out of the accounting system, the job is removed from the To Do List and stored for historical purposes.
  • All staff can easily inquire on the status of a current or past job
  • The workflow module allows each job to be seen from multiple viewpoints. This promotes better understanding accross the company of all the issues involved in production.
  • With proper implementation the workflow module will improve internal communication, staff morale and production throughput.