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Keep your existing accounting system.
JobTalk Benefits


  • Know whether a promised delivery date is realistic.
  • Communicate the details and steps involved in each job.
  • Know the current status of each job.
  • Know the current factory workload.
  • Know the labor and material costs of past jobs.
  • Confidence in the system means the focus is on selling


  • Prioritise jobs in consultation with sales people
  • Communicate what needs to be done next to all staff
  • Know the current status of every job.
  • Track time, materials and progress of jobs.
  • Benefit from the feedback staff can easily record.
  • Know who did what.
  • Find the current production bottleneck.


  • Record material usage as it occurs.
  • Know remaining material on each roll or package.
  • Know where all materials are located.
  • Know the supplier and batch number of the materials used in each job.
  • Know what off-cuts are available to use.

Accounting & Administration

  • Keep the existing accounting system.
  • Calculate material usage invoice for the accounting system
  • Know the labour and material costs for each job.
  • Identify material wastage.

Human Resources

  • Ensure consistent advice to staff about priorities, tasks and instructions through one point of reference.
  • Gather information for performance appraisals.
  • Identify skills, strengths and training requirements.
  • Promote knowledge sharing.
  • Promote an understanding of how each workstation contributes to the business as a whole.


  • Identify poorly performing equipment and early warning signs of      equipment malfunction, as a result of staff feedback and performance statistics.
  • Analyse maintenance history to predict future maintenance needs.
  • Plan, prioritise and track maintenance tasks.
  • Co-ordinate regular maintenance with production.

Strategic Planning

  • Obtain key information that aids in planning for staff and equipment investment.
  • Promote knowledge sharing throughout the company

Information Technology

  • Windows look and feel.
  • Achieve high performance, reliability and scalability through use of Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Works with common report writing software.
  • Developers can write custom add-on forms particular to any industry.
  • Kiosk functionality for data entry on the factory floor.